BUY FROM HidePlates it is a great Website!!!


DONT believe what you read on here! I am a customer who has purchased a few plates from HidePlates I was extremely satisfied with my products that were sent to me.

They were sent to me on time and in Good condition! the company was great to deal with. I had no issues with them what so ever!!! I love the plates on my car and overall was a great product!!

I would not believe anything any other people are saying here! I am very happy with what I received in the mail.

The company has great customer service and helped me find a great size plate for my car.

Courtney Fields

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Not resolved

Please do not make any purchase from -they are scamsters stealing money -absolute zero communication and even after ordering there is NO CONFIRMATION -I made a screenshot luckily. THey dont reply to any emails -do not buy from them they deserve to be closed down by law.My credit card Company is aware of their scam and a dispute has been filled.

Even after several emails to them they do not reply -they are criminals and unethiotcal.

I have lost my respect for Americans -is this the norm to steal money ? you are a disgrace and give Americans a bad name!!!

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Not resolved

One of my forum friends recommended, we did a group buy with a few local guys.... I felt compelled to write a review about them because they delivered our order pretty fast and threw in free custom bmw logos... One of the site administrators, Karl (I think), even called me after I missed UPS on the first delivery attempt to let me know that my UPS stopped by... what more could we I ask for?

I needed to get the word out, because I am surprised that someone would leave a bad comment about them. I would recommend them any day...


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Do Not Buy from

Not resolved is a scam!!! They send you broken junk. I have tried dealing with them several times and it is a bad experience everytime... There are much better websites out there selling a license plate hide away system then them. Their shipping took forever and once the items did arrive, they were broken. stole my money and offered no refund or any other decent solution.

I also tried ordering a similar product on and it wasn't much better.

I hope this saves you the money before buying from them.

Stay away!

Monetary Loss: $167.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada #609404


Lots of choices, great guys that stand behind their products.

They do custom fabrication for the military and law enforcement as well as custom car builders. Very happy with them..


I just recieved one from This is the biggest POS I have ever seen in my life.Cut out with tin snips, bent in a vice,put together with coathangers,zip ties & glue.It's going in the garbage...too cheesey & ugly to go on a high end build!


same issue here, ordered, then NOTHING, no response to e-mails no accept on skype. total scam do NOT touch them


thanks,i was going to order from hidesplate until i read the reviews.




I was about to leave a bad review for another site, then came across this.

I've ordered from them on 4 occasions, they delivered my order on time. An on an instance where one of the plates gave me an issue, they were prompt to response and sent me a brand new replacement at not extra charge.

So it's only fair for me to share my experience. They were great with me. :)


i Run

we make much better kits.


Same *** and the credit card i used to pay started getting fraud charges a few weeks after i used it with them. Im sure they are the leak it was a new card only used once with them.

I never got the plate cover in the mail and the number is google and skype and they never pick up. i think this product and site is a complete scam.


I have try to find a phone number to call them I guess they don't have one for this company. They took my money but I did not ever get any thing in thee mail from them and its bin over a mouth now.

Now they will not answer my e mails they are a scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM BIG TIME RIP OFF.


I have been sending them e mails asking where are my hide a plates but they have not got back to me. I am very pissed off. I hate


:( I also bought from them and still have not received anything. No phone # for contact, I should have known!!!

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